Prices & Terms


All work you see on gallery page are in frames that compliment the painting. Contact me if you want to see a painting in it’s frame and I will send you a photo. If you want to use your own frame I will be glad to take the frame off.

Shipping costs are not included in price.

Refunds 30 days from purchase.



Photos can be emailed to me for your convenience.

Half down when order is placed (non-refundable). Balance due upon approval and delivery.

When commissioning a portrait, each additional subject will be a $25 upcharge (including pets).

I will be happy to purchase a frame that compliments your painting or portrait upon your request for the cost of frame and $30 for framing.

All acrylic paintings will be varnished.



Commission Pricing:


11×14     $300 & up

12×16     $350 & up

16×20     $575 & up

18×24     750 & up



8×10    $125 & up

11×14   $150 and up