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Sandy Clark / Artist

Sandy Clark / Artist


Welcome to Sandy’s Studio!

My name is Sandy Clark. I was born and raised in Southern Illinois. My love for art began at an early age, progressing through High School and into college. From there, I let my freestyle passion guide me. My inspirations come from everything to looking out my back door to the awesome beauty of the area in which we live. I love flowers, birds, and the rich heritage that surrounds us, making the possibilities endless. My motto has always been, “Just look around, there is always something to paint”. I mostly work with acrylic paint on canvas or graphite drawings, as well as other mediums. I love them all! I hope you share my passion for original artwork. I do commissions, so if you would like to have your own special photo painted or drawn (including portraits) please contact me.

Thank you for checking in and hope you will return soon. Everything is available for purchase unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions please ask!

Thank you,

Sandy Clark